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Can You Chew Gum with Invisalign

Can You Chew Gum with Invisalign


              Can You Chew Gum with Invisalign                                                                        Without Being Noticed?

    Most Patient asks a question is each other can you chew gum with Invisalign, Answer is for everybody no, the batter is you should not chew gum with Invisalign? The continuous chewing action will cause the device to fail earlier. Some brands of gum may also stick to Invisalign plastic and mess up. You can chew gum with Invisalign but you have to remove your aligners?

    During orthodontic treatment, it is strongly recommended not to chew gum. Invisalign doesn’t have a bracket to break the gums, but the gums can stick to the alignment and can be difficult to remove. gums can injury your aligners and treatment become more longer.

    Do not chew gum with Invisalign, if you want to enjoy chewing gum, please remove the aligning trays. Otherwise, the chewing gum will stick Inside aligner and damage the aligner trays.

    Can You Chew Gum with Invisalign?

    Say goodbye to chewing gum, because in the Invisalign aligners corrector is so smooth and comfortable, but chewing gum can cause problems. sticky gums stick inside the Invisalign and injure them. due to constant chewing movements, this causes the aligner to rub your teeth and each other.

    In addition to the stickiness factor, gums can also cause aligners trays and braces wire bending. Even the slightest bending of the wire can cause teeth to move in the wrong direction. orthodontic team is seeking the best orthodontic experience.

    Therefore, it is strongly recommended that experts avoid using chew gum with Invisalign, many people saying you can chew gum with Invisalign there is no issues but you need to remove your aligners trays before chew gum.

    Why You Should Avoid Chew Gum

    Chewing gum with Invisalign is not recommended when wearing a straightener. chew gum can stick inside the Invisalign. Ideally, you should not keep aligner in your mouth while eating, and drinking water when wearing it, should be limited to drink like tea, alcohol etc.

    Continuous biting action will make the equipment malfunction faster. Some brands of gum may also confuse plastic with stickiness. What is human nature, some of my patients chewed gum while wearing braces. If there is no obvious damage, I sometimes ignore it. If the stand is damaged, so stop chewing gum.

    Can I Chew Gum with Invisalign Sugar-Free Gum?

    As we all know, sugar can cause tooth decay. Every time you choose a sugary gum, consider the risk of teeth. The confectionery and chewing gum industry have created delicacies without using pure sugar.

    The most popular sugar-free gum products are Orbit, Pepper Smith, xylitol, xylose, Pure and Glee Gum, you will find easily sugar-free chew gum at your local market, so might you ask the question can I chew gum with Invisalign, yes, sugar-free is fine but you have to remove your Invisalign.

    What if gums get stuck in the Aligner?
    Many people did not listen to the dentist advise. When you take your aligner trays same time dentist infirm can you chew gum with Invisalign or no, if by the mistake aligner inside may get stuck? If it is stuck or dirty, it needs to be cleaned immediately.

    Use a toothbrush to remove as much gum as possible. However, do not rub hard, as this may damage the Invisalign aligners trays. Is the gum stuck between your Invisalign or teeth? You have to do regular brush and floss to remove cracks. If you still have gums, brush and floss your teeth gently again.

    Can't remove all gums from an orthodontic appliance? Talk to your orthodontist, especially if your next appointment is still a few weeks away. They can provide you with good cleaning without harming your aligner placement.

    Benefits of Chewing Gum

    Many people think chew gum is only time pass or lifestyle no need to waste money on chewing gum because of sugar. today, manufacturers of chewing gum and confectionery are removing sugar that used to hurt teeth. Read the bellow advantage of chew gum.

    • ·        Stimulates saliva and promotes oral health
    • ·        Remove bacteria in the mouth
    • ·        Helps enhance tooth enamel
    • ·        Loose and remove plaque from teeth
    • ·        Teeth whitening
    • ·        Fight anxiety and stress and prevent bruxism
    • ·        Improve breathing
    • ·        Protect teeth

    Can you kiss with Invisalign?
    If you using Invisalign aligners and you need to do your daily life activity such a kiss or use lipstick you can do, Invisalign is very soft and familiar with your tongue, so you can kiss with Invisalign there are no problems.

    Brush Your Teeth

    The aligner is detachable, so you have to brush your teeth morning and evening and use floss also, when you wearing Invisalign aligners, but you should also clean your teeth between removing and replacing the aligner.

    Cleanliness is very important after every meal, after finish your meals you should brush your teeth properly or at least rinse thoroughly with tab warm water.

    Invisalign embraces your teeth-you do not want the food and bacteria there to get worse for hours at a time. Keeping your teeth clean and keeping Invisalign clean will prevent the formation of caries and keep the aligner in the shape of the tip.

    Can I Have A Mint with Invisalign?

    Every young people have a question can I have a mint with Invisalign, The answer is when you wearing Invisalign may dry your mouth and cause excessive bacterial growth on the teeth and aligner.

    on-alcohol and sugar-free breathing sprays will not damage the aligner at all and will help refresh your breath between cleanings. unsweetened breath mint can also be used with confidence.

    What is Move mint
    mints provide a tooth-safe, delicious, easy-to-use alternative to the currently available chewy foam or plastic aligner seats. Movements was created by orthodontists to help clear Aligner patients and patients wearing fixators.

    Benefits of using Move mint?
    Move Mint helps eliminate old breathing that may (and will happen) during treatment with a clear aligner.

    With Move Mint, you can safely wear a transparent aligner or holder and spend a good day without worrying about bad breath. Move Mint helps keep the aligner in place without chewing plastic.

    Move mint can be used as a substitute for chewing gum, allowing patients to easily reach 22 hours of the tray wear time per day. Chewing exercise during orthodontic treatment is believed to produce beneficial blood flow to the teeth, thereby reducing discomfort and making the movement of the teeth more effective.

    What is xylitol?
    Xylitol is safe for patients with clear alignment agents, and the recommended daily dose is 6-10 grams. It is a natural sugar supernumerary it avoids to become dry mouth and is believed to help prevent tooth decay,

    Xylitol has very low calories and is also good for diabetes. Preventing tooth decay is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health during the removal of dental mixtures. Move Mint is helpful, but it cannot replace good oral hygiene!

    Can You Drink with Invisalign?

    Can you drink with Invisalign or braces?  yes, you can drink, but it depends on what are using Invisalign aligners or traditional braces, Traditional braces are fixed to the teeth so you can drink much more, and with Invisalign, you need to remove the aligners before drinking any beverages.

    Always Can I Drink with Invisalign?
    Yes, you can drink with Invisalign because it will not damage it if follow the dentist advise. You can drink water as much you want, water is always allowed to drink and it’s good for your teeth. No matter how much water you drink with Invisalign, you need to drink water like your normal days.

    However, alcohol, even clear liquids such as liquor or vodka, is too bad for the aligner, you can drink wine or other drink, but make sure you remove the Invisalign tray.

    The good thing about Invisalign is that you can drink as much cold water every day without removing the adjustment tray. If you drink anything other than water, it's a good idea to remove the tray as you would when eating,

    brush your teeth and floss after you've finished drinking, and then reinsert the aligner. Do not drink extremely cold or hot drinks while wearing the aligner. Damage can occur at extreme temperatures.

    Removing floss many times a day to drink soda, coffee, juice and energy drinks will result in less than 20 hours of daily wear, so drink water between meals and enjoy whatever you like during your meal. There are many people. Drink.

    Can You Eat with Invisalign?

    Yes, can you eat with Invisalign? Invisalign is removable, so don’t worry about your food and diet. You can take as usual lunch dinner and breakfast; however, you should remove the positioning tray before eating and insert it after brushing or flossing after eating.

    Then take your favourite beverage and meals. About 30 minutes after the last bite, brush your teeth thoroughly and use dental floss to clean your teeth.

    After meals, do not insert the calibration tray without first brushing your teeth or flossing your teeth. It is not recommended to eat Invisalign's calibration tray in your mouth, so it is recommended to limit snacks between meals.

    Needless to say, if you eat 3 times a day, it will take about one hour of the corrective machine every hour, and you will already wear the corrective machine for 22 hours that day.

    Can I eat soft food with Invisalign?

    Before any type of food eating, you have to remove the Invisalign tray. Keep away from acids or mixed with basic foods. The same is true of vegetables, fruits, meats, soft nuts and soft but non-stick candy.

    Is Invisalign bad for your gums?
    Invisalign is very easy to wear. With no wires or brackets, you don't have to worry about leaving pain or scratches on your mouth. They are very smooth and do not irritate the mouth and Invisalign in not bad for your gums.

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