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Loose tooth with braces

Most patients are afraid to show their teeth when they have teeth with braces and ask why my teeth feel loose with braces, if it is happy with your teeth and there is no need to worry about it loosening properly, so your crowds and tooth removal should be relaxed. .

If you have loose hair while wearing braces, which means your conservative treatment is working, the condition of loose teeth will only last for a few days, you will feel a slight irritation and may have pain while eating. Yes,

If you want to straighten your teeth, you need to get your teeth in the right position with a brace, because it fits slowly within a few days of loosening some teeth, so there is no need to worry about it. Yes, it is usually fine and it is a sign of good results.

Why do teeth with braces feel loose

Many new patients, when they feel loose or loose teeth for a few days in a row, when their teeth and gums seem loose, they are afraid of what pleasure my teeth have, not worrying about the symptoms of your orthodontic treatment,

You may experience pain and discomfort when the teeth feel loose with the braces and in this situation you may have problems with the speed of your teeth which you need to adjust If you feel more uncomfortable you need to talk to your dentist to get your medicine or a new checkup Will be

Many patients feel loose or close after the braces are tightened. If this happens, it means that there are some problems with the treatment or your tongue is not in the right position, your teeth are also missing. If it’s yours, you can talk to your dentist or travel. Confirm why this is happening,

However, usually the teeth become loose after the brace. It’s not too happy that there’s a guy in the back but that’s not a problem, the orthodontist will be hardened again but if you’re treating a new orthodontist, keep your main braces your teeth and teeth real, keep the teeth loose,

Loose tooth and teeth  during braces treatment

When you do conservative treatment, you can learn about loose teeth during braces, because the first braces will loosen your teeth and teeth or cut problems, and it’s not just with you, it’s all happy with the patient.

During treatment, all patients have loose teeth, including braces. Sometimes you may feel that you need to see your dentist once every six months, even after you have had your teeth and braces installed. It happens. Make sure your treatment is going well,

You may think or feel that your teeth will come out, it is not a pleasure that the teeth also fall out like this because there is no need to be scared like this, if you are dissatisfied then explain how to get a guide to your gums.

Most people ask that I only get braces and my teeth are loose, it is very common that your teeth are straight and have different casts, so the right position and braces for it will be forced to loosen adults and children,

If the braces and cables become loose or damaged as soon as possible, your exposure to orthodontics may improve otherwise the damaged wire will hurt your teeth and if you can push the teeth in the wrong direction learn how to fix the cables, otherwise, consult your dental specialist. Get help.

 Why loose teeth with brackets

Many people ask why there are teeth with braced teeth, when the braces start to work and the teeth slowly loosen and it is safe enough to take your teeth to the right castle, it is completely more normal than normal and your dentist will reveal these things,

You may have problems after a few days, after one to three days it starts to shrink and your teeth will be removed day by day if you think it is not normal, but you must make sure you have a condition that is right for you, which is usually good, You need to contact your dentist to know that. No need to be shocked

And don’t stop the process of cleaning your teeth, brush and floss your teeth like this, rub your face before and after eating, if you feel dry mouth or pain, you should take medication from your dental specialist. You cannot take any medicine without a prescription.

Loose teeth can give you a little pain. There are several ways to relieve pain in the first few days. You can take painkillers. Clove, rinse with salt water, cold compresses and garlic.

What happens if you lose a tooth with braces

Many patients examine what happens if you lose a tooth with braces, so there is no need to fear if your teeth become loose when the dentist inserts the braces from the moment the pressure starts. And force your teeth to move the expected direction, for this reason, the structure of the tooth becomes loose,

After the teeth move, the bone around the wish palace will hold the teeth, and if you have previous teeth problems or teeth cleaning or teeth removal or root removal, then you have to fix those problems before taking braces,

The dentist will monitor your treatment process, just in case you need to follow your dentist's instructions, if you experience any type of difficulties like pain, burning, mouth open and closed issues, rubber bands or mouth sores. Is, you can share it with your dentist

And there is no need to worry if the teeth get loose with braces. Just maintain your daily oral hygiene and eat popcorn, a whole apple, crust pizza, crunchy foods, chewing gum, hard type of chips, corn, tortilla. Try to avoid hard food. Gummy foods, hard candy, cereals as well as burgers,

Can you feel that your teeth are falling out, this is not happening to any patient, just you need to keep a few days when the teeth shift to the right palace, braces, and dental problems slowly- Will it be resolved slowly?
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